Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Over the years I've talked a lot about life-long learning. For the most part a lot of that learning is informal. It doesn't get letters after your name and sometimes that is not a bad thing. Other times things crop up and one lacks credibility because there are no letters or certificate or piece of paper to validate that one has the skills in question.

I am self taught in many things. Skills have been fined and honed with practice and along lifes pathway I'm become quite accomplished in a few different fields.

This year I have taken an opportunity to do some extra study. Quite apart from the fact that the manager on my day job was encouraging it, I got annoyed at a few people doubting, undermining and ridiculing what I had to offer. So over the next year or two I've decided to see what I can do to get a few more letters.

It turns out that I can quite likely get a number of credits in "Recognition of Prior Learning". That will equate to about half of a graduate diploma. Isn't that nice? Being self taught has some rewards after all, a real cost saving.

I'll only get through a couple of papers this year. It will be a juggling act. I've just been asked to coach and/or manage a rugby team. There is a restructure going on at work and this year more than any others my sons might need some extra support because of their involvement in various sporting and cultural events.

Actually, it is hard to believe we are 3 months into the year already. If I don't blog again for a while it is because I got overtaken with all the "to dos".

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